Hello, World!

My name is Tyler A. Adams, and I make stuff on the interwebs

  • GreatestInnovation.org / voting app

    I built the voting terminal for The Takeaway's series on America's Greatest Innovation. Every week, two innovations are eliminated based on the lowest number of votes they have received. Users may also submit their own nominations.

  • Community College Challenge / data viz app

    The user can see data on a thousand community colleges across the country, how states compare to each other and how an individual college compares to the state average. Built with a vector map library.

  • VeroDalla.com / art portfolio app

    I built this art portoflio for VeroDalla, renowned French sculptor based in New York. I used the Meteor framework to bootstrap development and to make the site a single-page app. The simple design and lack of page reloads leaves the beauty of the artist's work front and center.

  • Under Her Skin / news diary app

    I built the news app for WNYC's The Takeaway's award winning series on minorities living with breast cancer. I use TimelineJS to render the written and audio diaries of the women interviewed for this project.